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We will take care of your business,

because we understand it.

For us, the greatest success is the development of our partners.
This is the direction we have taken.


AC Cargo Trans

Does the number of forwarding companies in Poland overwhelm you? Are you looking for a proven logistics company but you don’t know which one to choose? AC Cargo Trans employs forwarders who can easily help you and your company organize transport within Poland and throughout the European Union. Thanks to our 10 years of experience on the market, we gained the trust of many clients

If you are a carrier that specialises in an international transport – join us.

Logistics company – what does AC Cargo Trans have to offer?

Partnership principles of cooperation

We will adjust the payment date and the driver’s work system

Constant contact with the driver

We solve all problems during the transportation process

Order continuity guarantee

Loads all year round, no demurrage

Loads without pallet exchange

No burdens or problems


The largest transport companies in Poland often do not pay attention to interpersonal relationship. With us, you can count on partnership principles for cooperation – we care about good communication and we are happy to undertake long-term activities.

Shipping companies in Poland should continue to develop, which is why at AC Cargo Trans we cooperate with specialists from the TSL industry and adapt to the changing world. We also organize training sessions on transport, workflow management and insurance.

We offer the following types of semi-trailers:

Tarpauline semitrailer, 

Coilmulda semitrailer,

Tarpauline semitrailer “Mega”,

Refrigerated semitrailer,

Isothermal semitrailer.

In our company, forwarding is at a high level. We guarantee continuity of orders – no demurrage, no burdens and constant contact with the driver. Shipping companies should be characterized by a modern fleet, experienced employees, professionalism and ability to organize everything on time. AC Cargo Trans meets all these requirements. You are more than welcome to check our offer and to contact us!

All services for your company in one place

Cooperation with us is also cooperation with various specialists in the transport industry, we rely not only on our own experience but also on the experience of experts in the field of: accounting and transport staff, working time calculation and drivers’ malpractice, carrier’s liability insurance, fuel suppliers as well as rental of trucks and semi-trailers.

Such cooperation gives us and our subcontractors knowledge and counselling on a wide range of issues related to the transport market. It also gives the possibility to obtain favorable solutions and prices for services and products