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International transport

Transport throughout the EU

International transport is a transport service provided by international transport companies that an be defined as moving various types of cargo and goods beyond the borders of one country. This type of transport, similarly to domestic transport, serves economic, social, political and production functions. The purpose of international transport is to deliver raw materials, various types of materials and products from the place of production to their destination. Thanks to this form of transport, it is possible to exchange goods and services between different countries. Particularly in the European Union, this type of transport is highly developed, mainly due to easier entry to individual countries. Therefore, it is a crucial element of the activity of each country, without which many industries could not function.

Transport międzynarodowy

International forwarding

However, international transport cannot function properly without proper logistics. International forwarding plays a very important role here and helps to maintain the smoothness of international transport. For this reason, our AC Cargo Trans group offers various types of services related to international transport and forwarding. Thanks to the extensive experience, know-how and skills we have gained while operating in this industry, we are able to guarantee the highest quality of services to each company. Our experts will ensure that all international transport companies cooperating with us operate in an optimal and fully efficient manner. Taking care of international forwarding is a very important matter, so entrusting specialists in this field is worth considering