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Freight forwarding transport services

The AC Cargo Trans Group provides various types of services in the field of transport and forwarding of goods within Poland and throughout the European Union. We are specialists in the field of land transport, and thanks to the experience gained during our business activity, we can offer top quality cooperation and guarantee the satisfaction. In the offer of our company you will find various services covering such issues and areas of activity of a transport company as:

  • Accounting and HR,
  • Working time calculation,
  • Drivers’ malpractice,
  • Carrier’s liability insurance/ Freight Forwarder’s Liability Insurance,
  • Fuel suppliers,
  • Rental of trucks and semi-trailers,
  • Licences for road transport of goods,
  • VAT refund,
  • Professional qualifications,
  • Telematics / GPS,
  • Transport forwarding,
  • Transport of goods,
  • And many others.
Białe ciężarówki - transport, spedycja

Transport forwarding

We know how important it is when running a transport company to control and analyze its operations, keep the accounts, HR, record drivers’ working time, transport logistics and many other things that require know-how, skills and experience to be carried out efficiently and effectively. For this reason, we offer our specialist assistance in this area. Our experts will certainly solve any problem and make sure that the company that uses our services operates in the best possible way. We will take care of the optimization of processes in the company and the entire logistics, and thanks to the fact that we have access to modern technologies and experts in various fields of transport and forwarding, we can do it at the highest level.

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