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Domestic transport

Transport in Poland

Domestic transport is the basic service provided by companies operating in this industry. The scope of this activity includes the transport of various loads and goods in Poland, using cars registered in Poland. The place of departure, delivery and the entire route must be located in our country for this type of activity to be called domestic transport. The way this transport is organized has a huge impact on many different industries that depend on the supply of necessary materials and raw materials. For this reason, it is necessary for domestic transport to operate fully efficiently and ensure the smoothness of deliveries

Transport krajowy

Domestic forwarding

Domestic transport and forwarding is definitely a much simpler form of activity to perform and plan than, for example, international transport. However, also in this case, in order to obtain smooth and reliable transport, as well as to fulfill orders within the agreed deadlines, appropriate transport logistics is necessary. For this reason, our AC Cargo Trans group offers various types of domestic transport and forwarding services, which will certainly be a great support for any company operating in this industry. We cooperate with the best experts in many different fields of transport, thanks to which we are able to guarantee each company that forwarding across the country and the entire transport logistics will be in good hands, which will certainly lead to the efficiency of the company’s operations and its performance.